Crystal Havoc: Roadmap 1.1

Crystal Havoc
2 min readNov 9, 2021


It’s been a wild week so far for the team, but after some restless nights, we feel it’s time to share some news with the community.

We are proud to announce that our project has been officially funded and we now have everything necessary to expand our team and reach our mint event with a solid base. We thank our incredible community for making this possible and we are exited to show you our revised plan.


We have begun to rework most of our Art. This will take a major part of phase 1 as we plan to accomplish the following:

  • Rebuild our website to make it more interactive and follow our new creative style
  • Re-branding Crystal Havoc
  • Start construction of a more detailed game environment. We plan of having multiple biomes, structures and objects to interact with

*This is phase 1 of the game, not a final product. Improvements will be made continuously*

Game Alpha

We are on pace to release a private alpha of the game after minting is concluded. We have been working non-stop in order to eliminate some small bugs and will continue to integrate web3 into the game.

Real Game Footage

Game Items

Our creative team has already begun creating weapons, skins and accessories to be used by your champions in game. We do plan on having some of them available for the private alpha.

We will start posting some sneak peeks in our discord ( and we also plan on letting our community members suggest and decide on a couple of new ones to introduce.


With our revised budget, we will begin to produce content such as trailers, articles, animated shorts, among other things in order to promote and showcase the project. As the team is mostly focused on the games core, we have set aside a portion of our budget for community grants. We will give more updates about this and how to participate, but for now feel free to fill the form below if you would like to be part of the project!