Crystal Havoc Reveal


After months of hard work we are finally ready to give you all a quick glance of what we have planned for the near future.

First, let us give a little background of our project. Crystal Havoc started as a simple PVP game exclusively for our holders, but we quickly realized we were under utilizing our NFTs. We decided to be more ambitious, expanded our team and slowly began to shift into a web-3 integrated Metaverse that harnesses the power an NFT can bring to the table. Although this stretched the initial timeline we had set, we stuck with the change in order to deliver something fresh and not just another project in the space.


Crystal Havoc is a Metaverse aiming to provide an open-world social space for NFT enthusiasts as well as action-packed battlegrounds for the days when you don’t feel like talking.

Fragments are our official NFT, providing holders an array of utility and goods which we won’t spoil just yet. One thing we can say is that we plan on packing Fragments with utility, both in and out of the Metaverse.

When it comes to the Metaverse itself, you will enter as one of several champions available, each a different species with unique looks, animations and abilities. Since we believe you should be able to show your true colors through your champions, instead of random set combinations we will let you customize their appearance using in-game accessories and skins.

More information will be available on our site soon with specific details on Fragments and Champions.


Development Plan

Our plan is to launch our world with basic functionality while we continue to develop more advanced features such as our in game marketplace and battlegrounds. We also want to give some power to our community so we will implement a governance system for token holders to vote on new content and features.

Below you can see our tentative roadmap highlighting our major goals for the near future.


We can’t wait to open the doors to the Metaverse! In the meantime be sure to follow our Twitter for our latest updates.



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